A Leading Professional Association

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the leading professional association for the advancement of technology. It is the world's largest technical society, bringing members access to the industry's most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits. It has more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries, 45% outside the United States.

In pursuing its goals toward advancements in the theory and practice of Electrical, Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering, as well as Computer Science, IEEE serves as a major publisher of scientific journals and an academic conference organizer. It is also a leading standards organization in the development of industrial standards. As an engineering student, you may have already benefited from IEEE.

The goal of the IEEE UK student branch is to provide a healthy and fun networking tool for all students who wish to join our organization. It's important to not only get to know the Lexington chapter of IEEE, but to also create a foundation for students so that they can develop long-lasting professional ideals and friendships for the future.

IEEE has a broad and extensive range of opportunities for you and your career. As a member, there are many educational and career resources available to you such as publications, a job database, and scholarships. IEEE also offers many online communities and services that allow you to stay informed about your field of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

IEEE does a lot of things. For those who like to program, we host IEEEXtreme, a 24 hour programming competition where you can compete to be on the IEEE software team, and we also have a robot that needs programmed every year. For those who like electrical or mechanical aspects, we have the robotics team. If you like to present, you should consider joining the IEEE Ethics Team. If you like to design, we also have a Web Design group and a T-Shirt Design group. We also have a lot of fun activities that IEEE members are welcome to participate in, the biggest one being SoutheastCon, which you can see that event tab for more details!

Student Branch meetings happen usually once a month with an announcement email sent out beforehand. During these meetings, we will usually have a speaker who will discuss something interesting within the CS/COE/EE/ME realm.

Hardware Team meetings will happen weekly. During these meetings, we work on the robot to prepare it for the competition at SoutheastCon.

There are a lot of benefits that come with joining IEEE. By joining the national organization, you join a network of thousands of professionals. By joining the student branch, you will get the opportunity to meet professionals from the Lexington area, expand your learning opportunities, and add to your resume, as well as have a lot of fun while learning more about your major.

What you decide to do in IEEE is really up to you and what your interests are. If you are more interested in applying mechanical engineering, you can join the IEEE hardware team to construct CAD models and eventually assemble the robot we build every year. If you want to do something different, you can join the Ethics Team, design the annual IEEE SoutheastCon t-shirt, work on our website's design, or work with the hardware team in a different role other than what a mechanical engineer would normally do.

Absolutely! IEEE is a non-exclusive organization, and we welcome students of all majors.

IEEE generally doesn't take up a lot of your time unless you are in an officer position. Our general meetings are once a month and last about an hour, and if you want to join the hardware team, those meetings start out at 1-2 hours once weekly. During the peak season before SoutheastCon, those meetings become twice weekly. IEEE members can volunteer for fundraisers and events, which if you choose to do so may take more time. SoutheastCon takes up roughly three days alone.

The current group of officers are the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Website Chair, Hardware Team Lead, SoutheastCon Chair, andOutreach Chair. We may add more positions in the future as needed. Officers are elected at the end of every school year, usually in March or April. Elections run by popular vote of registered IEEE members.